Streetcar #400 Rode the Rails This Summer!

Photo Credit: Lonnie Facchina

At this moment in the photo, #400 is awaiting a replacement part, so drivers and trainers got an unscheduled break, but it was an exciting day (Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019) when our regular trolley – #23 – was in the shop for repairs and we ran this sweet little Birney car ( all day instead.

Check out the Walt Laurie Memorial Museum at Lakeside Rotary Park (between the soccer fields and the tennis courts, right next to the Nelson Rowing Club building) between noon and three pm every weekday while the streetcar is operational. Not only will you be able to get a close look at #400, we also have memorabilia, streetcar-related tools and equipment, souvenirs and there’s always wonderful volunteers available to tell you all about it!

Gallery wall in the Walt Laurie Memorial Museum
Photo Credit: Michael Dill

Canada Day is About Community, so let’s give Nelson free ride!

Last year the Nelson and District Credit Union (NDCU) and the Nelson Electric Tramway Society (NETS) reached a goal they didn’t think was possible, they have given free rides on Canada Day to over 10,000 guests.  That’s close to the population of Nelson. No they didn’t do it in one day this was the result of 7 years of a partnership that has grown every year.

Back in 2012 NDCU sponsored Streetcar#23 to provide free rides to passengers on Canada Day.  Since that time the crew at NETS have been growing their Canada Day Event with increased hours of operation, 9am to 9pm, a once a year only schedule to help take people to lakeside and back for the days festivities.  NETS also created a museum of local transportation heritage and on Canada they open up the entire museum and barn with special displays and tours.

“Ever since NDCU sponsored free rides on Canada Day, we took it as a challenge to make this event better every year.  The first thing we did was extend our Hours that Day from 9am to 9pm to coincide   with the days activities.” Says Jim Robertson of NETS, “We also open up the entire barn and create a once in a lifetime display that changes every year.”

The NETS is a volunteer run organization that maintains and runs StreetCar#23 and the Trolley Barn Museum.  They are open to people getting involved so come visit them this Canada Day at Lakeside Park.

To help make our Canada Day Community event even more spectacular the NDCU has again sponsored free rides on Streetcar#23 from 9am to 9pm and during the day the Trolley Barn Museum will be open for tours and talks.

Open for the 2019 Season

The tracks are clean, the drivers are trained and we are ready for the 2019 Season and although we are ready, we could still use your help. Drivers, Museum Staff, Maintenance and Development all could use your help. If you would like to learn more about getting involved drop on by the Trolley Barn in Lakeside park on Tuesday or Thursday to say hi to the crew. We look forward to seeing you on the rails.

NDCU keeping the tradition of Canada Day Smiles With Free Rides on Nelson’s Historical Streetcar#23

July 1st 2018 Nelson BC – The Nelson and District Credit Union continue their wonderful tradition of donating the fares for the entire day of July 1st so everyone can ride Streetcar #23 for Free on Canada Day. Along with the Trolley rides the Nelson

Nelson District Credit Union Pay for Canada Day Fares – Free Rides for Everyone

Electric Tramway Society (NETS) will have fun activities, historical information and Trolley Barn Museum tour.

NETS have been seasonally operating the original Nelson trolley, Streetcar #23, on a symbolic route along Kootenay Lake’s majestic waterfront for over 25 years. The society is completely run by volunteers from maintenance, to engineering to conducting and driving. This social enterprise strives to be self-sufficient, but costs of running a 110-year-old trolley can add up. That is why NETS is extremely excited about the Canada Day partnership they have with the Nelson and District Credit Union (NDCU) to pay the fares for all riders on July 1st.

The NDCU recognize the significance of having StreetCar#23 as an attraction in Nelson. It provides another reason for people to visit this beautiful region; it is a destination experience for enthusiasts and fun activity for the entire family. NETS also provide volunteer opportunities for people to stay active and contribute to the continuing growth and beauty of the community.

This could not be done without the assistance from the local community and specifically the Nelson and District Credit Union who have been a big supporter and continue their tradition by paying all the fares for July 1st so everyone rides for free on Canada Day. “We are very lucky to have the NDCU helping us, it is with contributions from local organizations that help keep the Trolley alive and we really appreciate the continued support the Credit Union provides.” Says Chris Holland Motorman #106.

If you would like find out more or become a member of the Nelson Electric Tramway Society drop by the Trolley Barn Museum next to the soccer fields on July 1st. You can also reach them at 250.352.7672 or .

Haunted Heritage Streetcar #23 returns Saturday October 14th

Haunted Tours Return to Nelson this October with New Findings, Stories and a Haunting Mission

Nelson BC – The Nelson Paranormal League is back this October with new stories, local

Streetcar#23 ready for the Haunted Tours

developments and follow ups to questions of intrigue for this year’s haunted tours. It starts with Haunted Heritage Tour Streetcar #23 and will finish up with walking tours and Spirits of Nelson Pub Tour at the end of October. And this is only just the beginning…

Over the last year the Nelson Paranormal League has been busy visiting a number of haunting requests throughout the Kootenays and has found some new and intriguing stories about local paranormal activity. This year they have updated the tours with these new findings that help draw potential conclusions to some of the Kootenays unexplained mysteries.

This October is the return of the popular Haunted Heritage Tour Streetcar#23 where guest are treated to a tour of Nelson’s less talked about haunted history. This year we have added more stops and more stories. Happening Saturday October 14, with two special runs at 4pm and 5:30pm, it is one of the best ways to enjoy Streetcar#23 before she is put to rest for the season. Half of all ticket sales will go the Nelson Electric Tramway Society (NETS) in support of their new mobile lift in Lakeside Park.
Later in October the League presents two new tours, the Haunted Heritage Walking Tours and the Spirits of Nelson Haunted Pub Tour. Walking tours are being held on Saturday October 21st and 28th, and will leave from the Railway Visitors Centre to Touchstones Museum, getting up close and personal with some of Nelson’s most popular Haunts. On Thursday October 26th the Spirits of Nelson Haunted Pub Tour is an intimate tour of the darker side of the Haunted History of Nelson; this tour is not for kids or the weak of heart.

“Over the past year we have been cataloguing and creating files on well-known and

Chris Holland of the NPL and NETS shares stories about Nelson’s Haunted History.

private hauntings to see if we can find answers to some of the Kootenays strange mysteries,” Says Chris Holland co-founder of the Nelson Paranormal League. “These tours have helped us uncover evidence and new stories that we are excited to share with public.”

To get tickets or make reservations for the tours contact the Railway Visitors Centre in Nelson at 250.352.3433. To find out more about the League and their future activities check them out on Facebook .

The Pioneering Spirit of Canada Day is still alive at 150!

Local Credit Union Helps Tramway Society with free rides and admission for everyone.

Nelson BC, For six years the Nelson & District Credit Union (NDCU) have been making a donation to the Nelson Electric Tramway Society (NETS) for free rides on Streetcar #23 and admission to the Trolley Barn Museum on Canada Day and it is a win win for everyone.

The Nelson Electric Tramway Society sets out with the task of generating enough revenue each year to keep Streetcar #23 and the Trolley Bar Museum open. This is done with the love and help of volunteers, but although the passion of people helps keep the society alive it also needs funds for maintenance, upgrades and supplies. With the donation from the Nelson and District Credit Union the Tramway Society is able to bring smiles to people on Canada Day with free rides and admission to the museum and use the money to help keep Streetcar #23 on the rails.

The NDCU recognize the significance of having StreetCar#23 as an attraction in Nelson. It provides visitors will another reason to visit this beautiful region, is a destination experience for enthusiasts and fun experience for the family. NETS also provide opportunities people to stay active and contribute to the continuing growth and beauty of our community.

This year NETS is working with the NDCU to bring even more smiles to Canada Day. Streetcar #23 and the Museum will be open for extended hours. Watch for fun surprises at the Trolley Barn. Every year the Museum grows with additional treasures from local residents. It is always changing. Along with the Birney Car 400 there will also be some classic vehicles on display.

“The Nelson and District Credit Union have a passion to keep history alive . . .” says Tom Atkins of NDCU “. . .the volunteers at the Nelson Electric Tramway Society work hard to preserve our local heritage and we like to help them as much as we can.”

Once again, thanks to the Nelson and District Credit Union, at the July 1 Canada Day Celebration in Lakeside Park, there will be free rides on Streetcar #23, and free admission to the Trolley Barn Museum.

See you on the Rails!

Streetcar#23 is Open for the Season

Nelson BC, The Nelson Electric Tramway Society has been hard working all winter getting ready for the 2017 season. Streetcar#23 has had some much needed maintenance and accessibility upgrades, the volunteers have been through their training and this Friday May 19 they start the 2017 Season.

They will be open for rides 7 days and week until Thanksgiving. The Trolley Barn Museum will also be open from noon to 3pm weekends until June when hours will expand.

Last year the Tramway Society was host to close to 18,000 visitors, locals and rail enthusiasts, all with the support of an amazing group of volunteers. They are always on the lookout for more help, if you would like to get involved they suggest you come down for a ride or visit the Trolley Barn maintenance shop on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

The crew also have many fun events and surprises in store this year. To find out more, see the schedule or join their team check them out at or call 250.352.7672. You can catch them for a ride starting 11:30am Friday May 19th at Lakeside Park.

See you on the rails.

Shake off the Snow – to the AGM we Go!!

Annual General Meeting
Yes it is that time of year again, our annual general meeting, come and get involved, or find out what is in store for the 2017 year. It is Tuesday April 4th, 2017 at 7:00pm upstairs at the NEW Chamber building in the train station. All are welcome! Learn more about how you can volunteer to Drive, Host and Help.
For more info call 250.352.7672.