Haunted Trolley Returns – Last Run of the 2014 Season More Stories, More Stops, More Haunted Adventures

Haunted Heritage Tour Host Chris Holland

Haunted Heritage Tour Host Chris Holland

Nelson BC, The Nelson Electric Tramway Society and the Nelson Paranormal League are gearing up for their end of Season Haunted Heritage Tour Streetcar #23 this October 3rd,4th,5th and this time there are more stories, more stops and more haunted adventures.

The Haunted Heritage tour is back for the last run of the season bringing you an entertaining look at the historical and paranormal side of Nelson from the safety and comfort of local Streetcar #23. This time there are extra stories and new found facts about the mysteries of the Kootenays.

“This summer when we hosted the tours, people would approach us with their own experiences and we would get at least one new lead and at least one good story worthy of investigating.” Explains Trolley Driver and Paranormal League founder Chris Holland, “Each time we host one of these tours or when someone hears what we are doing they will usually have a story to tell about the unexplained in our area. It is when you hear the same stories over and over again that you realize something is worth investigating. For this last tour I have added some new stories and areas worthy of further exploration.”

Although this is the last run of the season and the Trolley is being put away for the winter, Chris Holland has some plans from some more paranormal fun as All Hallows Eve approaches, including walking tours and a haunted pub crawl.

“I’m currently putting together a simple walking tour of downtown Nelson featuring the mysterious and unexplained hot spots of the area” Says Chris Holland. “These tours will bring you up close and personal with highly active paranormal locations and are not for the faint of heart.”

October starts with the last run of the Haunted Heritage Tour Streetcar #23 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 3rd, 4th and 5th starting at 5:30pm loading at Lakeside Park Trolley Stop. For more information or to get advance tickets drop by the Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce at 225 Hall St. or call 250.352.3433. You can also make reservations for the walking tour and pub crawl. There will be more details about these events to follow….stay tuned!