Open For Season 2016

The Nelson Electric Tramway Society is excited to announce that they are Open For TheMichael Dill Streetcar#23
Season 2016.
 We are open for rides 7 days a week from now until Thanksgiving and you can see our schedule here.

This year while the tracks were quiet the volunteer crew spent over 2000 hours refurbishing Streetcar#23.  One of the new features is room for a wheelchair and increased access to help those with limited mobility, we are still however working on creating wheelchair access to the Streetcar…a project we are currently focused on.

With the seats redone, the car repainted and trucks/shoes…it feels like a new Streetcar! Thank you to all that helped make it happen.Michael Dill The Crew #23

We have plenty of fun and events planned this year so we look forward to seeing on the rails.

Stay Tuned……