Streetcar#23 is Running Fulltime

We are on the Rails.  Streetcar#23 is up and running 7 days a week.  The parking lot is Welcome Aboardfinished, the tracks are clean and we are excited to take you on a journey back in time along the wonderful waterfront of Nelson.

It is also the perfect time to get your annual pass or join the volunteers to become a Trolley Driver.

Thank you to all of our maintenance crew and friends that came out to help us get up and ready.  We are looking forward to an exciting season, with special events, tours and potentially a museum.

See you on the Rails!

Apologies to the People that booked the Trolley

The Nelson Electric Tramway Society would like to extend their apologies to the wedding Park Lot Constructionparties and private bookings that we have had to cancel.  Our crew are ready and waiting for the construction in the parking lot to be done and the electricity to be turned on.

We are trying to get running ASAP – like hopefully Monday – but please double check with us if you have made prior arrangements or bookings to ensure that we are still on schedule for your event.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as a group of volunteers that work all year to get the trolley running, we area all very excited to get back on track.

See you on the Rails

#23 Will Run on 23rd – Or – Streetcar Scheduled to Open this Friday

Last year the Lakeside Parking Lot Party was a grand event with festivities, shovels and Jim's awesome coffee

Last year the Lakeside Parking Lot Party was a grand event with festivities, shovels and Jim’s awesome coffee

This just in…we are for sure ready to go this Friday May 23rd. Yep this time its for sure, going to happen, in the bag….we hope…according the the paving crew things should be wrapped up this week.  We are even planning a parking lot party on Wednesday May 21st – everyone is invited to celebrate wonderful new lot while cleaning the tracks in preparation for our opening on the 23rd.  (to be frank – its a work party but you are all still invited)

Streetcar#23 is now scheduled to run full time Friday May 23rd.  We will keep you posted if there are any changes and about up and coming events.

Happy Rails

Opening Soon…Really Soon…Maybe Even This Weekend

Nelson BC – Streetcar#23 is polished, tuned up, the drivers are ready and excited to bring you the 2014 season.  But wait, what about the tracks, that’s where the maybe comes in.  Currently the Mall Parking Lot Stop is getting a brand new floor, in fact so is 1/3 of the parking lot, as construction crews are fixing up the mall parking lot with new drainage and pavement – Excellent!  They are going to be finished this Sunday and the Trolley crew are

The Maintenance Crew of StreetCar#23 have everything ready for the 2014 season

The maintenance crew of StreetCar#23 have everything ready for the 2014 season.

ready to go at a moments notice.

Streetcar#23 is scheduled to be running full time starting this Sunday May 18th, keep your eyes and ears on the lookout and we’ll see you on the tracks.

For more information or to join the trolley team contact us at 250.352.7672.

Happy Rails