Streetcar#23 has been in Nelson for 100 years!  In 1924 the City of Nelson purchased the streetcar, in 2024 we are celebrating the fact that it is still here, running fine and delighting everyone who hops on board.

It was kind of crazy in 1982 to think they could take a ramshackle wreck of a car and restore it, and another audacious group of people to think they could put it on the tracks. The Nelson Electric Tramway Society (NETS), along with the Chamber of Commerce, Royal Bank, and Selkirk College restored this Streetcar and service today is courtesy of many volunteers donating thousands of hours to keep it running. This speaks to the spirit of the people of Nelson.

The streetcar is a moving piece of Nelson’s history and a key attraction for tourists and locals. It offers a scenic ride along the lakefront, from the Prestige Hotel to the Lakeside Park, where visitors can enjoy the Rose Garden Cafe, the beach, and the park. 

So this year is the 100th anniversary and we are celebrating the incredible history of the streetcar and the people that made it all possible! 


  • BELONG – Join Nelson Electric Tramway Society
  • SUPPORT – Donations gratefully accepted
  • PROTECT & RESORE – Work in the Shop maintaining our beautiful streetcar
  • “WORKIN’ ON THE RAILWAY” – Maintain clear trackway during the season 
  • DRIVE – Become a licensed Operator
  • SHARE OUR HISTORY – Work in the Transportation Museum & Gift Shop
  • SHARE THE RIDE – Purchase a season’s pass & share the experience
  • SHARE OUR STORY – Contribute to social media

We are located in Lakeside Park. Park your vehicle and walk to the museum and gift shop or take the trolley! Here is a map of our location within the park.