Waking up the Trolley – AGM – We Need Your Help!

It starts with You! We need your help with getting the 2015 Trolley Season going and there are many ways to help. HHT 23tmp5BF0_1024x768

The Annual General Meeting is at 7pm Tuesday March 24th at the Pilot’s Lounge on the north end of the Terminal Building at the Nelson Airport. Come on down to find out what is happening this season and how you can help out. With the Museum opening this year we need your help more than ever.



I know most of us want to just drive the streetcar but there is an awful lot of work that needs to be done prior to our start-up.

Starting this Thursday and every Tuesday and Thursday prior to April 23rd (we have 1000 students coming) we need to clean the track, do brushing, inspect equipment, organize the displays for the Museum etc, etc, etc.

The list goes on and on and your core people are wearing out – WE NEED YOUR HELP. Come on down at 9 am and if you can only give us an hour of your time that would be greatly appreciated.

There will be a sign up sheet at the AGM where you can see all of the Committees that need to be manned and supported and we encourage everyone to place their name on at least one Committee in order to ease the pressure on the Board of Directors.

Terry Thompson will gladly take your name and membership dues as well as sign you up for your re-fresher training, which is a requirement for us all each and every year.

Classroom refresher courses will start on Wednesday April 15 and will be conducted at 9 am, 1 pm as well as 6 pm.