Trolley Food Drive 2014 – FILL THE BIRNEY CAR Saturday Sept 27th

Free Rides All Day Saturday Sept 27th on Streetcar #23 with a donation of a non-

Free Rides with a donation of Food Saturday Sept 27th

Free Rides with a donation of Food Saturday Sept 27th

perishable food item (or cash equivalent).

The Nelson Electric Tramway Society, operators of Streetcar 23 and Birney Car 400, are planning a Food Drive on September 27th from 10 am to 5 pm in an effort to raise much needed non-perishable food items as well as cash donations to help the less fortunate to cope with day to day challenges.

Our Food Drive has been named “FILL THE BIRNEY CAR” and each donation would permit the Donor to unlimited free Streetcar 23 rides, as well as an admission into our newly constructed Museum.

We are pledging 100% of ALL donations of food and/or cash will be donated through the following Agencies: The Salvation Army, Our Daily Bread, The Food Cupboard, and The Food Pantry

Each Agency will determine the best allocation of the donations. As we approach the Fall Harvest time of the year and Thanksgiving we would like to share our blessings with others.