Streetcar#23 is Closed – Thank you for an incredible season!

As we put the streetcars to bed and get ready for winter, we would like to thank everyone Rainbow trolley2for their wonderful support and enthusiasm this 2014 season.

The year started off with a bug as someone stole copper cable from our tracks, this started a wave of support that left tears in the eyes of some of our drivers.  People would flag down the streetcar to offer donations and support, one person went so far as to bring the trolley a bag full of copper cable to be used to fix the tracks.  It was this kind gesture that showcased what a wonderful community we live in and motivates us to get up each day to volunteer with the society.

“It really makes you feel that all the work we are doing with the Nelson Electric Tramway Society is worth it when the public comes to our aid without use asking.” Says Jim Robertson, NETS Board Member and Driver, “When people stopped the trolley to offer a donation or support, it made us feel that this job we do is worth it.”

The Nelson Electric Tramway Society would like to thank everyone for their awesome support and encouragement to keep us going.

Thank you Nelson – Have a great winter and See you on the rails in May!