Winter 22/23

The trolley never sleeps. During the winter is when the real work begins.  Every year all the seats are removed, washed, (as with the floor) cleaned and a fresh coat of varnish is applied to all the wood. The seats are than covered until the car is finished with the repairs and any electrical work that is needed has been done. Than all the seats are reinstalled replacing any nuts, bolts, and washers that need to be changed. 

Other work being done at the same time is the fork lift being stripped down and rebuilt. Parts for this are easier to find or rebuild. It is still a challenge to find parts for a forty year old unit.

The trucks (wheels under the car) are a different matter. You just can’t go to Canada Tire and order parts for a hundred plus year-old system. This unit has taken almost four years to repair. Turning the wheels to form the correct curves and angles to fit the tracks is a long and complicated process.  The mechanics have devised a system where it can be done while they are still attached. An electric motor is connected with a chain gearing unit that turns the wheel so a cutting bit can shape the wheels.(Pictures 7,8, and 9) It is critical that the gearing unit is perfectly aligned and level before any cutting can be done.

Check back throughout the winter months for more updates and see what our fantastic crew of volunteers are up to next in the magic shop as I like to call it.

Peter Gallant